This harassmnt started over 20 yers ago when one religion menber started to hostility to me.

The religion is designated as cult religion by many euro countries and others.

What’s more, I received a lot of very gloomy harassments by the religion.

The religion started gang stalker to me over 20 years ago.

And I was regularly started receiving harassments

when I really suffered from after effect of brain bleed about 12 years ago.

I received harassments might be beyond the reach of your imagination.

I got along with some Japanese friends in Japan,

but cult religion must have interrupted the relationship.

I repeated this situation many times, so I think it very troublesome and I am tired of it.

Now I write this article down when I receive electric attack.

They drive into the person by a lot of harassments of cooperating members,

whom they dislike. This harassment become public business in Japan,

so some people get much money by doing harassments.

The koumeito, which consist of soukagakkai, is ruling party in Japanese politics.

Most Japanese know the situation.

The list of soukagakkai member who did brutal crime.
Most brutal crimes are commited by the members in Japan.
出典: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』他。
●池田大作→朝鮮部落出身 信者レイプ事件 選挙法違反事件
●宅間守 →大阪 附属池田小学校児童殺傷 朝鮮部落出身 両親も学会員
●東慎一郎 →酒鬼薔薇聖斗 神戸の首切り小僧 帰化人
●林真須美 →和歌山毒入りカレー事件 4人毒殺 63人が負傷 帰化人
●織原城二(金聖鐘)→神奈川 帰化人、外国人女性を強姦バラバラ殺人 両親も学会員
●関根元 →埼玉愛犬家連続殺人犯 4人を殺害
●丘崎誠人→奈良連続強姦 事件 在日朝鮮人
●金大根 →在日韓国人の強姦魔 連続児童虐待暴行殺人 6名の女児死亡
●李昇一 →在日韓国人 東京 テレビ「ガキの使い」関係者を名乗り少女140人を強姦
●沈週一 →在日韓国人 鳥取 大阪 和歌山 9人を強姦
●張今朝 →在日韓国人 長野 「一緒に猫を探して」と小学校4年の女児を強姦
●ぺ・ソンテ →在日韓国人 横浜 女子小学生14人を強姦
●宋治悦 →在日韓国人 東京 主婦19人を強姦

French designated soukagakkai as cult.

Japan is danger to be conquered by soukagakkai


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