Background of gang stalking and my situation.

I firstly want to say that I do not dislike American, Chinese and Korean people.

I will write it down since now that I knew things before.

But almost all American, Chinese, Korean people are indifferent to this thing.

So I do not dislike them. And I did not need to know this thing until I become victim of gang stalking

and cointerplo. But, I have been received harassments for a long time.

So I needed to know my situation.As you know, Iraq war did not cause nuclear weapon.

So it cause that Fusein denied selling oil to US dollar and he said that if you want to buy oil,

you should bring EURO instead of US dollar. After that Bush started Iraq war.

And now in Iraq, many people have become laboratory animals by electromagnetic wave attack

and brainwashing, as well as me. So Iraq war does not finish so easy.

At the same time, Japan has been conquered by America. America has used Korean Japanese

and souka gakkai, which is designated cult religion by many countries, to conquer Japan.

Souka gakkai has strategy to conquer Japan called soutaikakumei that they send member to

any field such as politics, police, law, and media. Now Japan is almost conquered by China.

And now, it is said that America might have given Japan ownership to China by changing

enormous American loan. More and more Chinese are immigrating to Japan.

They are supported by living life and tuition fee. They can pay tuition fee cheaper than Japanese

and get money as living life. The diet member Inada accused that this affair before.

However, most Japanese do not know this thing because the media stop to broad the news like this.

This is because the Japanese media is conquered.The main shareholders are composed of foreigners.

Moreover, souka gakkai is using these weapons such as gang stalking, cointerplo,

electromagnetic wave attack, mind reading, mind control, brainwash and so on.

If they find a Japanese people who might take action against them or they dislike Japanese people,

they start gang stalking and cointerplo. And then many targets are chased to suicide,

committing crime and mental disease. Initially, CIA and FBI used cointerplo. This affair has

happened not only Japan, but also all over the world. So some powerful persons think to

control all people like slave or animals. That is a reason why they need experiment of mind

reading, mind control and brainwash in Iraq, Japan and so on. I hope that all people find these

dangerous weapons.

Also ten thousands Japanese people commit suicide because of this harassment every year.

This harassment chases people to suicide and mental disease. And some victims got advice to

go to the mental hospital that was managed by souka gakkai. Some women victims were done

rape in the hospital or get prescription which make people confusion and die. So they need to

decrease Japanese population. And this harassment is used by Japanese tax.

Above is background of gang stalking and cointerplo.

And below is my situation of gang stalking. To tell the truth, I do not want to say and

write down below contents because I want not to be touched by others and want to be secret.

However, if I do not say this, I will received harassments related to this thing.

In my case, initially souka gakkai and powerful person such as big company’s president must

have ordered to do harassment and gang stalking to me. However, I started to reveal that

I had after effect of brain bleeding and in that time, the gang stalking regularly started.

So they need to change their responsibility for anyone in order to escape from responsibility

to do harassment to disorder person. They might have used young people and other people

might think that this young people lead this harassment. However, they must pull the wire

behind their back. Sometimes they pays money to young people.I was really suffered from after

effect of brain bleeding. I could not spend ordinal life and was dismissed from three companies

after graduation. Moreover, I received harassment such as gang stalking.

That is a reason why my mental really become degenerate and weak. However, they set a lot of

traps to me during these days. I did not have usual judgment in that time, I often might have

been caught traps and my mental also became strongly degenerate and weak. They enjoyed

doing harassment although they know my situation. On the other hand, I was really struggled

and concentrated on only treat my brain and weak mental. In that time, they chase me to

isolation like now. So I could not seek to help for anyone. Moreover, I had lived alone over

17years, so I could not have anyone to seek a help. Now I could treat my brain and mental though.

So my gang stalking harassment damage might be somewhat different from other victims.

Of course, main purpose, which chases to isolation and suicide, is common.

Especially, now this method is almost same as others. As shows above, I really had hatred to

this souka gakkai gang stalking. Of course, other victims also had strong hatred to gang stalking though.
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