Mental instability

I had mental illness long time ago. A lot of victims of gang stalking were being made out to be the mental illness in .Japan. However, in my case, I really had mental illness.

I worked in four companies about for two and half years after graduation from university. I quitted one company by myself because my brain did not work at all. But in other three companies, I was lad off. I said before as well that I had the after effect of brain bleeding at that time.

At the same time, doing harassment by gang stalkers started regularly to me since my brain really became bad. In addition, my former girl friend left me due to gang stalking. It also might give me damage.

I thought to die in that time every day. This is because I was laid off some companies, I flanked by girl friend, and receiving a lot of abnormal harassments such isolation, spreading a lie, and so on. Actually I decided not to be regrettable for doing boxing because I decided to do boxing by myself. But I felt regret only at that time.

However, in that time, my mental became moderate weak. After that, I had abnormal trouble with one woman who is one of gang stalkers. My mental became very weak. Moreover, at that same period, my mother had a car accident that she was hit by big truck. I thought all things around me became crazy.

It is just my excuse that if my brain worked better, I think I could deal with these troubles better. However, in that time, I could not cope with these troubles at all. I felt that my mental and my body seemed to become separate.

I went to mental hospital and got a prescription. But in that time, I felt shameful to go there so I did not go regularly. But if I think about positive thing, my body became strange such as my body temperature became high, cough did not stop, and I was having difficulty breathing..

Maybe, my mental balance collapsed. Although I was in these situations, alliances did not stop to do harassments to me. That is why I took more time to recover from mental illness.

My body, which had been really strong, was easy to get fever and I did not think about positive thing because I was having difficulty breathing. I was bothering and did not know when I would recover from this situation. So I was suffering from this mental and brain illness about for three years.

Moreover, I thought every trouble cause me until I noticed gang stalking. When I received very outrageous harassment, I thought It cause to me and I needed to be more right attitude. That is why my attitude became more and more wither.

However, after I noticed that this is gang stalking, I was recovering from mental illness little by little and I found a little bit means of survival. Especially, when I tried to escaped to the mountain of Gunma prefecture from gang stalking, it make me refresh and comfortable.

There are a lot of beautiful nature and some idiot people there. I, who had been a lot of inferiority complex, got a clue to recover. This situation was very good for me whose mental was very bad although now I do not want to work there any more.

Even now alliances spread it among people that my mental is very weak although it passes about eight years since then. But I think that if you think so, please try to fight against me. I will fight to you anytime.

I recover from the after effect of brain bleeding as well as mental illness. After that, I realized that I fell into the victim of gang staking including mind reading, mind control and so on. If you want to fight to me, please come on. I had very deep hatred for gang stalking. It might be beyond the reach of your imagination.
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