Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. Thank you very much.

I have lived in Australia now because I would like to escape from gloomy harassments.

So I am a victim of gang stalker.

I escaped to the Philippine one year ago,

but I received harassments by Japanese much worse than in Japan.

I returned ro Japan only five days although I paid for rent and tuition fee of two mouths

I will introduce that situation below.

And before I go Philippine, I escaped many places in Japan

such as country town and the house of mountain.

But I was found by GPS of mobile phone and so on,

and then I received harassments in the place.

If you do not know a gang stalker, please explore it in google after you read this blog.

You will know the truth.

Wherever I move in and work for,

they lied and exaggerated about me for every people who are neighbors and co-workers.

I have been received this harassments over 20 years.

That is why I made this blog in order for I would like everyone know the truth.

I regularly received this harassment

when I mostly suffered from the after effect of brain bleed and I was weaken in mental.

In that time, I suffered very much.

Because I had to receive many harassment while I was recovering brain.

I introduce below.

Some people might believe that I committed any crimes or something like that.

If I committed any crimes,

I would like to be captured by police and I would like to reflect.

But I did not commit any crime.

At first, it started over twenty years ago when one religion member had hostility to me.

After that, I have received many gloomy harassment almost everyday.

Moreover, they spread my idea ncluding lie among peple. It might sound weired and strange.

Howevr, if you read this blog, you will understand this situation.

I am very grateful and glad that if you read this blog

and you do not have prejudice for me.