Mind reading and transmitting

They use three satellites to do mind reading.

And they can do not only mind reading but also transmit the idea to my brain.

So they transmit idea to my brain many times every day.

I receive the bad idea, which they transmit to me, and I read this idea in my brain.

And then they spread this idea as my idea for many people.

I often receive the idea in sleeping time, too.

They try to lead my personality or idea.

In Japan, many people receive the same harassments.

And more and more people commit murder or suicide because of the harassments.

In real, some people are transmitted the idea that kill other person

before they commit murder. Recently, these crimes have happened many times.

And they must have said that I received the order to kill others from my brain.

They must not have noticed mind reading or this harassments.

In this year, previous diet memeber nagata and caster kawada commit suicide

and in akihabara, many people were killed by the victim of this harassments.

I notice mind reading in a few years ago and then I regulally started to plan escape from this.

I can endure most harassments but I can not endure mind reading and transmit the idea.

I know this mind reading device costs 231 million yen or 3 million AU dollars.

And Toshiba sales this device as 50 units set.

This harassments system is public business in Japan.

I spent much money to buy some items in order to protect from this harassment.

And there is the “human research corporation” in one country which is not Japan.

They are likely to hope to manage every human like animal.

I am used as a guinea pig to do so.

Also they always get money to make imaginary enemy and imaginary bad person.

Truth of these hrassments are backed up by some web-site which show next article.