My dairy life

I have received electromagnetic wave attack many times everyday.
When I try to concentrate on the class,
I receive the electromagnetic wave attack in my ears and upper half of body
and my ears become not to listing very well and I feel suffering with upper half of body.
When I write down essay, I have a palpitation.
I receive electromagnetic wave in my head and toe of fingers while I do preparation of class.
Moreover, when I try to concentrate on text, I receive it in my eyes.
I have eyes pain and my eye sight became strongly weak in a year.
When I have a class in university, I have a diarrhea and I feel tired because of attack.
When I talk with one lady, receive electromagnetic wave in my thug.

Next, I would like to introduce mind reading and mind controlling.
When I study, my brain receives the idea through the electromagnetic wave.
The most of ideas are bad things about someone.
If I do not deny this idea, they spread this that I thought bad things about the person.
When I study, I repeat to receive idea and deny this many times everyday.
I can not concentrate on studying.
And if I think that some people’s opinion is good.
I must receive the idea that I think others’ ideas are bad.
I have to deny this, otherwise the idea, which I think his idea is bad, must spread.
For example, one friend told me that one woman is beautiful.
I answer that I agree. So they spread for many people that I love this her.
So I can not think and talk any negative thing about some one.
I always become to shrink to think about everything.

Next I would like to introduce disturbance of sleeping.
When I was sleeping, I receive electromagnetic wave attack
and I have to get up because of pain.
I have nightmare because I receive the mind control.
Moreover, when I am going to sleep, I heard big sounds.
Recently, when I close eyes in my bed, I must look insect screen such as cockroach.
It is absolutely disgusting.

Next, I would like to introduce disturbance of work in Japan.
The bad things and lie about me spread peopel lived in the place where I worked for.
Especially, I have hopeful person, they must disturb me.
They disturb me and my order must be delayed as a result my order became cancel many times.
The construction must begin in front of my house.
The construction must carry out all night previous day I take examination.
When I have free call number, I receive a prank call everyday.
My fax receives a prank call many times.
My post mail was often stolen and my mail box was broken.
When I have appointment next early morning, my bike is flat tire once or twice a month.
My thrown garbage was brought and checked by cult members.
I had a lot of other harassments except for this.

My PC have been done wiretapping through tenpest.
And my life is kept watch on and wiretapping through satellite even in the building.
My university all teachers and classmates are really mature and good person.
And my friends, who are QIBA classmates and Japanese students, are also really good friends.
I received harassments that other people do not watch and find, so I have received it behind their back.
In US, the law, that the electromagnetic wave, sonic and other attack for individual through satellite is banned on, submitted to government.
But this law was not formed, so they do these harassments at their heart’s content.
If I receive these harassments, I live a full life.
I have a lot of challenging things. I know my English is very poor.
But I would like to try it to my heart’s content.
Some people might think that I should not mind these things.
If I do not mind this, they become exciting to do harassments more and more.
To tell the truth, I do not have confident to continue this life.
Moreover, they attack to even very young child in Japan.
Victim's inocent child become victim of electromagnetic wave attack.
I introduce the web-site below.

The screen that Inocent child receive the electromagnetic wave attack.

American gorvernment site about law as I introduce above

Other web-site related to mind reading and gang stalker through satelite.