I would like to say one thing

First of all, I would like to say that I have never approved and will never approve of the harassments of gang stalking. If my family or relatives, who are deceived, approve of it, I will never approve of it so there is not a reason to do harassment to me. My damage looks like “True Man Show”, so if my relatives approve to keep watching for me, I will never approve of it.

assailants might say that my living expenses are provided by my family so I can not help to be kept watching. In addition, I sometimes might deal with assailant with smile. They also say that my action mean to approve of harassments. However, I do not know who is assailant and what assailants’ action means. Also I pay all tuition fee and living expense by myself. I will never approve of harassments of gang stalking.

A long time ago, my relatives, who are deceived, might are involved in assailants. However, I have never approved of it and I pay all living expense by myself so there is no reason to do harassments.

Moreover, assailants compel me to say that I came to Australia because I want to study business in Japan. But in Australia, they seem to say that I escaped from Japan because I did not do anything in Japan. However, my own company was the best sells company in the prefecture. I closed it down because of these abnormal and gloomy harassments. If I did not receive harassments, I did not close it down.

I wrote down many times in my other blog that assailants compensate me 23 billion yen for damages. This does not mean guarantee of gang stalking which are including a sneak shot, hidden microphone and so on. This is just compensation.

In addition, they say that I am liar and trial and when I have a grudge, I will not forgive it. This rumor aims to block me to talk back to them. They can do harassments easier because of this clock. However, they sometimes say the truth which is meaningless for me, they intended to be trusted by others. And they lie among people when they attack to me. These methods are really gloomy and coward.

By spreading a lie about that when I have grudge I will not forgive it at all, they seem to encourage me to forgive them so easy. It is true that I am really angry with people who started to do harassments when I had the after effect of brain bleeding. Aldo I will never approve of these harassments. In addition, I can not understand it very much who is main assailant and who say bad thing for me. Under this situation, it is unfair that I will not forgive assailant at all.

Especially, I do not want to forgive people who know my damage of brain and started to do harassments. They really watch for my damages and started. Furthermore, I will never approve of these attacks such as electromagnetic wave, mind control, mind reading and other high technology attack. I will never approve to be as a guinea pig of high technology attack.

I went to the police office many times when I was in Japan. Also I consult with boss of company. In addition, I consulted with previous English language school and current university. These action indicates that I really suffer from these harassments and I would like to finish receiving these harassments.