I had not bought my way into the university

This article is a little bit different from other articles but assailant spread a lie about me that I had bought my way into the university. This article introduces how I study to enter the university. I did not study at all when I was young. So I went to the low level high school. That is why I did not know how to study to enter the university. I read some study books. I really prefer one book which is written by teacher Yoshino in Yoyougi zeminar.

This teacher is famous that he went to very bad high school but he passed Jouchi university and other high level universities only for four month study. However, I thought that he is a talented person and I will not enter good university if I study the same as him.

In my case, there were about 10 months for entrance examination since that time. But I think if I did the same study for 10 months, I might pass the high level university.

Since I decided to start studying, I have a lot of quota and study at least 13 hours everyday. I study all night long when I did not finish the quota as follow study book.

I study all night long about two or three times every week. For the first period, I bought one dozen of nutrient drink in a month. Month by month, I bought it of 2 dozen or 3 dozen every month. However, I felt sleepy how many drink I drank.

In that time, I also follow teacher’s method of study book that I pricked to my hand and legs with a pin which make me get up. I continued to study over 13 hours everyday since March to October without day off at all.

In that time, it was really cold season which had a lot of snow. I had cold some times since end of October. Finally I fall down on November. Since then, I did not recover from damage very well and I could not study very much.

In addition, I took some examination with shaking of cold. As a result, I entered into university whose deviation value is around 60 and it is called high level university.

I passed some university the same level as this. However, I did not recover from damages of body and mental for about six months since November. I had a little bit depression because of many working all night.

I think this method can be done by only young people. Please you have clever plan to study when you study to enter university. However I learnt one important thing through this experience that studying hard is really hard work and heavy. To tell the truth, before that time, I did not like grind people because of my inferiority of fool people. However, I still do not like people who pose as an elite.