Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. Thank you very much.

I have lived in Australia now because I would like to escape from gloomy harassments.

So I am a victim of gang stalker.

I escaped to the Philippine one year ago,

but I received harassments by Japanese much worse than in Japan.

I returned ro Japan only five days although I paid for rent and tuition fee of two mouths

I will introduce that situation below.

And before I go Philippine, I escaped many places in Japan

such as country town and the house of mountain.

But I was found by GPS of mobile phone and so on,

and then I received harassments in the place.

If you do not know a gang stalker, please explore it in google after you read this blog.

You will know the truth.

Wherever I move in and work for,

they lied and exaggerated about me for every people who are neighbors and co-workers.

I have been received this harassments over 20 years.

That is why I made this blog in order for I would like everyone know the truth.

I regularly received this harassment

when I mostly suffered from the after effect of brain bleed and I was weaken in mental.

In that time, I suffered very much.

Because I had to receive many harassment while I was recovering brain.

I introduce below.

Some people might believe that I committed any crimes or something like that.

If I committed any crimes,

I would like to be captured by police and I would like to reflect.

But I did not commit any crime.

At first, it started over twenty years ago when one religion member had hostility to me.

After that, I have received many gloomy harassment almost everyday.

Moreover, they spread my idea ncluding lie among peple. It might sound weired and strange.

Howevr, if you read this blog, you will understand this situation.

I am very grateful and glad that if you read this blog

and you do not have prejudice for me.

The after effect of brain bleed

I used to do boxing when I was high school and university.

I was hospitalized when I could not say anything after practice boxing.

Next day I went to hospital and took CT, doctor told me that you had to be hospitalized.

The worst suffering of my symptom of after effect is

that I did not think very much what I wanted to think

My brain did not work at all when I was junior and senior in university.

In that time, I took many job interviews in order to enter the company.

Moreover, I suffered that I often lost consciousness.

I intended to spend ordinary live,

but my brain stopped to work for a few or more seconds.

when I had conversation, It was often happened that the topics changed without I notice.

And I worked as sales person. So I had to drive a car.

I suffered from I tried not to lost consciousness.

But I ignored the traffic light many times without I noticed.

What’s more, I made a car hit to the wall many times.

And my ears have become weak. My fingers did not work very well.

I did not write down because my fingers shook.

And I forgot anything, what I remember, within three minutes.

I sometimes forgot even that I was punch drunker.

It was much worse that I drunk alcohol in order to escape from the situation.

Moreover I do not want to say that I often let leak.

I felt uneasy to live anytime.

It takes about twenty years since then.

I was dismissed three companies during the period two and half years

after graduate university.

I think it can not help it because I did not work very well.

But I worked as sales person after recovered my brain because I felt regrettable.

And I became top sales person over three companies and had my own company.

It is just excuse. I want to reveal that now I am not foolish anymore.

But I have received much gloomy harassment since then.

My company must sale the most in the prefecture

but I closed down because of harassments.

And I must have lost money over ten million yen or hundred thousand Au dollars because of the harassments.

A certificate for boxing tournament I got the first prize in kanto state in student.


So far I heard from other victims of gang stalking many times that almost everyone not only men but also women say to face with honeytrap several times. I faced with honeytrap many times before but I have never cheated on my wife for four and half years. However, especially, I faced with honeytrap when I really suffered from the after effect of brain bleeding.

Our common opinion is that we got to know most woman by honeytrap who are a member of SOUKA GAKKAI or Korean Japanese. I had girl friend for three years when I was university student. I was vice president of boxing club and she was a manager of the club.

To tell the truth, I have not remember about her over ten years but I would like to make you know the truth that you might make misunderstanding about me. I met her almost every day. In short, we got on the same train and belonged the same club. What is more we had very good relationship.

However, I was hospitalized because I had brain bleeding during practice of boxing. So I could not speak at all. Although this injure, I continued to do boxing in university. So my condition of brain became really bad which is called punch drunker.

Usually, my consensus often lost and my memories did not work which I forgot any things within three minutes. However, sometimes these symptoms disappeared and my brain rarely worked well. I said to her since before some times that we would break up when my brain became bad because it is my responsibility.

Also I had been kept watched on by members of SOUKA GAKKAI which is pointed out as cult religion by several countries such as France, Austria, Chili and others. They started to do harassments when my brain regularly became bad at the end of third grade of university. They seemed to wait for the right moment when my brain did not work and my ability of judge anything became really bad. There are some people who take care of my brain.

However, since that time, some people, who tried to trap me, appeared to me. On the other hand, other people, whom I got along with, tried to keep away from me. Probably, alliance started to spread lies about me that I entered into University by selling backdoor admission and so on. So they also started to keep watch on me by bugging, secret filming, hacking and others.

In addition, I was asked to belong to one circle although I was four grade of university. I went to join the circle once. However, I know it after join that the circle is managed by one religion. The atmosphere was really strange.

Moreover, I met my girl friend almost every day but her contact suddenly lost at that time. What is more, her family also became cold to me although they had been very kind for me before. However, there was a reason why they suddenly became cold to me.

One reason is that alliance kept watching on me and implied many things, which they caught by secret filming, including sex and privacy. Also another reason is that I had an car accident on the way to boxing gym. It was that the car, which was driven the alliance, came to me with high speed and hit the side mirror to me. After that, the car stopped once and escaped from me. Of course, the side mirror became fragment. If I proceed a little bit more, I might be die. She closely saw this accident and then she seemed to strongly feel scared.

And then, alliance started to try many trap to me include forcing me into isolation. In one of many trap, alliance asked me to go drinking. We got to know one girl at that time. I did not know that she was Korean Japanese.

Also it was over ten years ago, so I was not conscious about Korean Japanese at that time. In addition, I thought she was Japanese for some months from getting to know. Of course, she has Japanese name. It was just trap that we became boy friend and girl friend.

Although I liked my girl friend, I became close to her in order for I would like to cover my sorrow because my girl friend suddenly became cold and I suddenly became isolation and I was annoying that my brain did not work very well. However, I actually did not have any hatred to this Korean Japanese and I did not think that she was bad person.

However, I basically dislike Korean Japanese. I really feel mortifying that not only I was trapped cowardly but also I was aimed when I had the after effect of brain bleeding. I keep along with her about two years. She also noticed that my brain was really bad and her left me.

Now I do not remember both of girl friend in boxing club and Korean Japanese at all because I experience a lot of bad things after that. However, I remember only one thing that I was trapped cowardly by Korean Japanese.

Mental instability

I had mental illness long time ago. A lot of victims of gang stalking were being made out to be the mental illness in .Japan. However, in my case, I really had mental illness.

I worked in four companies about for two and half years after graduation from university. I quitted one company by myself because my brain did not work at all. But in other three companies, I was lad off. I said before as well that I had the after effect of brain bleeding at that time.

At the same time, doing harassment by gang stalkers started regularly to me since my brain really became bad. In addition, my former girl friend left me due to gang stalking. It also might give me damage.

I thought to die in that time every day. This is because I was laid off some companies, I flanked by girl friend, and receiving a lot of abnormal harassments such isolation, spreading a lie, and so on. Actually I decided not to be regrettable for doing boxing because I decided to do boxing by myself. But I felt regret only at that time.

However, in that time, my mental became moderate weak. After that, I had abnormal trouble with one woman who is one of gang stalkers. My mental became very weak. Moreover, at that same period, my mother had a car accident that she was hit by big truck. I thought all things around me became crazy.

It is just my excuse that if my brain worked better, I think I could deal with these troubles better. However, in that time, I could not cope with these troubles at all. I felt that my mental and my body seemed to become separate.

I went to mental hospital and got a prescription. But in that time, I felt shameful to go there so I did not go regularly. But if I think about positive thing, my body became strange such as my body temperature became high, cough did not stop, and I was having difficulty breathing..

Maybe, my mental balance collapsed. Although I was in these situations, alliances did not stop to do harassments to me. That is why I took more time to recover from mental illness.

My body, which had been really strong, was easy to get fever and I did not think about positive thing because I was having difficulty breathing. I was bothering and did not know when I would recover from this situation. So I was suffering from this mental and brain illness about for three years.

Moreover, I thought every trouble cause me until I noticed gang stalking. When I received very outrageous harassment, I thought It cause to me and I needed to be more right attitude. That is why my attitude became more and more wither.

However, after I noticed that this is gang stalking, I was recovering from mental illness little by little and I found a little bit means of survival. Especially, when I tried to escaped to the mountain of Gunma prefecture from gang stalking, it make me refresh and comfortable.

There are a lot of beautiful nature and some idiot people there. I, who had been a lot of inferiority complex, got a clue to recover. This situation was very good for me whose mental was very bad although now I do not want to work there any more.

Even now alliances spread it among people that my mental is very weak although it passes about eight years since then. But I think that if you think so, please try to fight against me. I will fight to you anytime.

I recover from the after effect of brain bleeding as well as mental illness. After that, I realized that I fell into the victim of gang staking including mind reading, mind control and so on. If you want to fight to me, please come on. I had very deep hatred for gang stalking. It might be beyond the reach of your imagination.

I would like to reveal the lie

This article just reveals the lie. So this might be not interesting.

But I am glad you know the truth by reading this article.

I received much harassment

wherever I travel such as Philippines, Hong-Kong, and internal Japan.

I bet they lied and exaggerated about me for inhabitants and others.

And wherever I moved and worked for, the same situation happened..

They lied that I belong to any cult religion or other group like that.

But I have never belonged to any religion or other group.

I do not deny the religion because I know most religion is good for our mind.

And they lie that I frequently ask lady out,

but I have never cheated on my wife over four years.

They lied that I was supported money to enter the school by other.

But I do not debt and will not for tuition fee.

They lie I am not fair to disorder person. But I strongly deny it.

I have denied many times since before. And I really suffered from brain bleed.

On the other hand, they often said me linguistic disorder.

Some people, who do harassments to me, might worry not to get money if I deny a lie.

So this is public business in Japan and many people get money by doing harassments.

I became top sales in some companies and they say that I use dirty method to sale.

But I received little complaint in company.

I have said many times that I pride it more than the result of sales.

I have been kept watch on by the cult, can I use dirty method for work or cheat on my wife.

They do want to make me return to Japan.

Because it is easy to do harassments and keep watch on me.

When I suffered from the after effect of brain bleed,

I said many times, would you stop to do harassments because I suffered from it.

But they regularly started to do harassment when I mostly suffered from it.

And they trapped me by using much method.

In that time, I was betrayed so easily

and they could have persuaded other person that I am foolish.

I was said to kill by using cooking knife in those day.

But now I recovered, please kill me by using knife if you want to do.

Recently they seem to say that I must have grudge and get even to everyone.

But I have received much harassment for long time.

I know it is not meaning and no use.

Of course, I sometimes lose my temper because of gloomy harassments.

But I do not think to get even. Above all I would like to escape from harassments.

I have never said bad things about any religion except for Soukagakkai.

They also lie that I had bought my way into the university.

I made an effort very much and I passed the entrance exam of some universities.

And I can not do something like hacker.

They spread my idea by mind reading for many person including a lot of lie and exaggeration.

So I shrink to think everything and take an action.

They often asked me why you do not get married. It means that they want to say that I want to play more.

However, I denied to get married for a long time, because I have received this harassment

and I thought that my wife must have be involved in this situation.

They often asked me when will you get married although they know my thinking.

They hoped that I have wife and child because they can take advantage of my weak position.

I got married to my wife although I have a lot of anxiety because I have a good relationship.

However, they do harassments related to my wife as I thought before.

As a result, no matter whatever I do and say.

They invested much money in this system; harassment.

They have to return money however they lie and do harassment.

I know this mind reading device costs about 231 million yen or 3 million AU dollars.

Moreover they paid much money except for this device, too.

They always get money to make imaginary enemy or bad person.

I was danger to be killed

So far, I have some experiences that I was danger to be killed because of gang stalking damages. I introduce it in other article that I was coiled around by mafias. I think that it is not necessary to do like this in order to hold down me.

I felt scare the most when I drive auto bike, big truck applied me pressure to the guardrail. Both of my shoulder might touch a little the truck and guardrail. Many other victims also faced to be killed by truck. I shudder even now when I remember it. By the way, my mother had big injures and was hospitalized hit by truck. So now she always used a crutch.

I introduce it in honey trap though. When I crossed the road, the car came to me with high speed. Its side mirror hit to me and then the car escaped from me. The side mirror became fragments. My friend, who is with me at that time, felt complete scared and started to keep away from me. In that time, I also faced with the danger to be killed.

In addition, the brake of auto bike was often cut by alliance. When the main brake was cut, I tried to stop the bike by score and hit the wall. Moreover, when I drive bicycle and tried to cross the bridge at the night time, the bridge was under construction. The centre of the bridge swells. I thought it is straight road because guard did not say at all.

However, the road had a sharp curve after the swell part although I could not notice until arrival there. Both of me and oncoming cars can not see each other. I was waiting for a while. I tried u turn and went back to start point of bridge.

In that time, I lost temper to the guard. But if I proceed to the bridge, I might face with dangerous. By the way, some guard companies were managed by SOUKA GAKKAI. So there were a lot of alliances as guard in Japan. So far I can remember these things but I must face with other dangerous things.

Pressure from mafia

The damages of gang stalking are changing through a long time not only for me but also other victims. The main damages about twenty years ago was spreading lie or keeping watch on me. But now it is used by high technology. These harassments have been escalating when I took any action against to alliances.

So far, I get twisted by mafia three times. Firstly, when I was with former girl friend, I got twisted by a man who had tattoo in all his upper body. Ordinal Japanese do not have tattoo but mafia like to have tattoo. In that time, I bet I did not keep heavily watched on like now. I hit him many times and his face was cut a few part.

The mafia said that I must catch you and bring you to our place. After that time, he and his companion was seeking me about for one month when I went near place and watched. I cut my hair very short before my hair was a little bit long and shaved my mustache. In that time, watching was not strict more than now.

Next, I got twisted in the train. This is complete part of gang stalking. This is because when I go to beauty shop, I must receive any harassment. It was the way home from beauty shop. In that time, I did not receive harassments in the shop very much. by the way, if I decide one beauty shop, I must receive harassments so I always enter the first shop in Japan.

On the way to home, one man, who looks like mafia, got on the train. And then he stared at me. I did not understand at all. Of course, I know that if I take action against mafia, I would be very dangerous. So I ignore him but he was getting closer to me when he tried to get off. I tried to trip him up with his leg. He stared at me again I ignore again.

Finally, I really did not understand at all why I got twisted. It was not related to any thing. If there is a reason that I am victim of gang stalking. When I was walking, I got twisted. He suddenly lost temper to me so I also lost temper a little. And I thought I should fight to him but his attitude and his face was really crazy that he seems to be using any drug. I left from him.

After that, he shouted that I will not allow you to live around here. After that I knew that there is mafia place around there so I think it was good to leave although I feel a little bit angry.

When I talk or write down about mafia story, alliances dislike this. This is because they want to repress me by no violence. But it is true. So they always tend to cheat the violence. At last, I would like to excuse that if I am not victim of gang stalking, I would be just peaceful normal person.

I went to the police office and a threat comment.

There was the plan that victims of gang stalking over the world go to the police to claim about damage during June 2010. This dairy is about this plane which I wrote it down in my private blog 10days ago.

Today , I went to police with friend who is also victim of gang stalking and this police is in the center of my house and friend’s . I brought tens of evidence and picture of my damages. Of course, the polices know in advance that I and friend go to the police. At first, I said that we would like to consult about stalking. After that, one police said to us that you are aimed by ladies and is this related to lovers that the police seems to aim at threat for us. And then one police, who looks a stern, brought us to the investigation room which is named “SEIKATUANZENKA”..

At first, I gave the pictures below and claimed about the damage of my bicycle in order to give the clue of our damages. We always received any harassment every days such as flat tire of bicycle, breaking the basket of bicycle and putting the garbage into my mail post.



After that, this police said to me that show me all of your pictures so that I shows all pictures to him. These evidences including the cut of my wrist and arm and my friend arm’s sore.



I said that this is cased by electronic magnetic wave attacks. I explain that this attack is admired by the trial in US and politician in US submitted the law about banning on this attack into upper house with the some evidences documents below URL. Moreover, during explanation, many police come to our house in order to watch and give pressure. But we ignored these attitudes and continue to explain.

Of course, when I explain these things, they said we do not believe because we have never heard these attacks despite of our explanation. My friend’s cat died 3days prior to this day and the cat received this attack and injured.

However, the police said we do not understand the purpose of these attacks. Friend explains that his lighter vanished in his car and asked the policed is this crime. The police said again I do not understand the purpose. I said the purpose is to force our mental into the corner. When we received these harassments every day such as implying about our dairy life and coughing behind our back every time, our mental is forced into corner.

Moreover, I shows the threat comments which wrote down in my blog. I said the police that the assailant wrote down “be careful your life”. My friend also said this is complete crime right and what do you think. But the police said to me that the assailant do not specify to me. I replied to police that I always received harassments so I am specified by assailants. But they do not assent.

Moreover, my friend asked the police about are you a member of SOUKA GAKKAI which is the biggest religion in Japan. We know that this section “SEIKATUANZENKA” consists of almost this members. When the police said to us that you should call the police in advance next time, I said if I called the police the police of member of SOUKAGAKKAI must wait for us.

Finally, my friend said that we are really worried about these damages. I thought that this opinion really makes to the point about our feeling. The police said that you should not relate to this the assailants such as claiming your damage to the police. We said together that we strongly do not related to this.

Finally, I asked the police that the police can take any action about this harassment. But they said we can not. I asked again that you can submit the report of our damages into your boss. They said no. I asked again if many victims visit the police, you can take any action. They said if many victims come together into police, we can not. I asked again it is not many people together but if many individuals come to the police to claim these damages, you can take action. But they said no. We do not understand this.

We stayed in the police about for one and half hours. But we can not get good result we need to continue to go to the police and change the way to claim. In addition, many victims should go to the police.

Below content is a next dairy.

I would like to add some things to previous article. I get some reports from some victims since entering June. I found the common sense in these reports. It is that the police must say that you should bring any evidences. So we were also said to bring evidences.

Alliances know that we can not catch evidence so that they continue to do gloomy harassments. I said to the police that we were annoying due not to catch evidence. However, the police said it like manual that you need to bring evidence.

The police said that you should get a surveillance camera when the friend said to be stolen a lighter. I said again that if I am in usual situation, I will catch the culprit. But they have a high quality wiretap and keep watch on me. That is why if I attach the surveillance camera to the car, the culprit will never come to the car again.

However, the police asked me again I have never heard the high quality wiretap like this and who has and where. The argument went round in circle without getting anywhere. If you have any evidence related to wiretap, you had better to bring it.

Also they said that you should bring more simple evidence because I brought the evidence which is written in English. These evidences are the bill ban on electromagnetic wave attack to individual in U.S. and the judgement ban on it.

The police said to me that the situation between U.S. and Japan is different. I said to him that the crime can carry out in Japan as well if it carried out in U.S. However he said these affairs have never carried out in Japan. I said that if you have never heard, it is not impossible that it carries out.

Some victims already have the evidence of car number which is driving many times around the victim. The police said it will be efficient. However I guess they might say it is by accident or neighbors.

I thought this report’s key is to bring the evidence. Of course, it is too difficult to get the evidence and alliances know it. So it may is also good to bring it on the internet.

I brought a copy of threat comment below. Also I received many other threat comments after that but I did not bring these although I explained. I should have brought these as well. I feel regrettable.

Finally, it is essential the comment said by my friend that we are really bothering for a long time and we really escape from these harassments. When I heard the comment, I strongly felt it is to the point about this damage. I am not good at express my emotion but I also said that when I hold my baby 3 weeks old and I feel electromagnetic wave, my baby must start to cry. I really do not write down about my family because they involve in my family so easily. So I do not write down anymore. I think it is important that expressing our honest feeling.

And this is a thread comment that I received before I proceeded above plan.

I am a victim of gang stalking, so I receive harassments many times every day. And I have a another private blog which is diary and I write down of these harassments. Yesterday, I received this comment in my another private blog. What do you think??

Title: Ignore everything

Nice to meet you. I am a member of SOUKA GAKKAI, which is one of big religion in JAPAN, nowadays this institute obey members to force me corner that they try me to commit suicide or mental disease. Be careful when you go out! In addition, you shold not write down about the relationship between this institute and mafia.

You should be careful your life. There are a lot of things which you should not know. The government, mafia and this institute, which read my mind, have big power beyond reach of your imagination.

They will not stop to do harassments even if they receive mind reading and kept watch. Please not get too deeply involve in this matter. It is meaningless that you fight against this religion. I do not understand. Do not get involve any more. Otherwise, you will be aimed by NSA.

That is all. Of course, I should ignore this comment. However, I got my baby 10 days ago. So I feel really bad. This is complete threat comment. What’s more, I receive threat mind transmitting (V2K) related to my family when I read this comment.

I feel really bad. If I will stop to write down dairy, please think that I will be die. However, I need to proceed more. I can not contact with my friend, who is also victim of gang stalking. Maybe she get mad at me or also receive the threat comment like this.


So far I worked in a lot of companies. I also worked as sales person many times.

It was not route sales which I sell item for regular shop. Its sales style is

a walk-in. This is because if I work as route sales, I must receive harassments

from the person in charge. So I have to sell the item for the person who did not

hear my rumors of lie. And if I have a prospective customer, I can not get a contract

unless our meeting is less than three times. If I meet them over three times,

they must hear my rumor of lie. After that, I can not get the contract though

I make a promise the contract next time. So they will never meet me any more.

I did not work as salary system. Most of companies, which I worked in, apply

complete percentage pay system. This is because I do not need to be accused and

received harassment if I do not get the contract. It is just that I do not get

anything unless I do not get the contract. However, I received harassments and

complain which are a part of gang stalking.This does not boast that I became top

sales person in most companies although my job did not be stable at all and

might not be good job for most people. And some people invited me to their company

with more money. I am really grateful for them.Moreover, my own company became

the top sales in the prefecture although I closed it down because I received much

abnormal harassments. However, I thought that I could get money when I work.

And I intended to work any job which is really hard, dirty or not stable.

But I lost the confidence to get money. This is because I received really

abnormal harassments in my last job. So this job was also sales of a walk-in.

When I visit customer, all customers deal with me like criminal. So my rumor of

lie must spread among all places in my sales area. They must hear my rumor of lie.

This situation was really crazy.This harassment has been done by mainly young people.

This is because when I visit a customer, these young people who do overpowered

attitude replied my visit most time. Moreover, these parents also replied

my visit while they were taking care of their children. Of course, they are

pulled by cult religion which called Souka behind their back. Maybe, they young

people might communicate with each other and exchange the information about me

through the SNS. They must not have noticed that I was a victim of gang stalking.

They thought that they intended to force bad person into corner. They believed

rumor of lie about meand they believe their action good.That is a reason why their

actions were completely controlled. What is more, I worked in order to pool the

money for going abroad and I planned to go abroad one month later. So the cult

intended to interrupt my purpose and they must think that it is fine to spread

rumor about me because I will leave Japan one month later. So I noticed their attitude

and I was known by most people around there. I made over 5000 paper of sales fliers

including my other blog URL which is this blog's Japanese version.

I made this URL part into only red color although other parts are only black.

I distributed the fliers in many places where are around my hometown, my previous house,

my previous company and other place. I decided to quiet sales and concentrated on

distribution.After that, some young people made a low bow to me when we passed

each other. Also other young people said sorry to me when we passed each other.

However, these behaviors finished within 2 or 3 days. So I thought that their

action was really controlled. Most assailants of harassment are young people.

The cult can control and deceive young people so easy because they are more pure.

When I manage my own business, my business performance is good. This is because

I deal with the owners of whole apartment who can think everything by themselves

and judge it with calm because of much life experience.

So I am grateful for them very much even now.

Harassment for my own company

I will write down about harassments as much as I can remember when I had my own company. At first, I move to the place where I founded the company. The alliance spread a lie about me very much around that office. For example, when I went to sell the item at the place near to my office, I got the contract by the apartment owner who might not hear my rumor. But after that, I received a call from relatives of owner, who must hear my rumor of lie, said that he want to cancel the contract. For the first period, these situation are many times.

In addition, I could not get money from parent company in regular time so it was difficult to manage money at the first period. Moreover, the palace where I plan to visit for sell, were distributed by sells flier very much. This flier shows cash back service of much money which was impossible for my small company because of very expensive.

To tell the truth, my company and that company sell same product so if I get customer, I need to make more effort. It was really difficult situation. Ordinal company can get the information of customers from parent company but I did not get at all. That is why I needed to search customers by myself and pay my own money.

The total amount of money in two years is over 600000yen (7500AUD). However, the alliance spread a lie that I got the information by illegal company. Although I have never gotten the administration bill by owners, they also spread a lie that I try to get administration bill of much money from owners.

By the way, I am really grateful that I became top sells person in some companies before. However, they also spread a lie that I was getting contract by using underhanded methods. I feel pride that I hardly have complain caused by me from customers much more than sells performance. I said this many times since before.

Moreover, parent company said to me that you must not get contract from customer whom we could not get before. Also the parent company stopped to construct to my customers and the most customers over one hundreds were waiting construct over half year although usual situation could finish with two months. Of course, I receive complain call at least three times every day.

Furthermore, during this period, the parent company said to me that contract form changed so you should get contract with new form. If I go to owner to get new contract, they who are waiting for a long time, must cancel. But the parent company said it to me many times, so I went or called owners and get new form. Additionally I often receive junk fax many times from alliance including the parent company. In that time, I already decided to close down the company so I send these contracts via fax to the parent company every morning. It must have took two or three hours. They said to me that please stop it one week later and then I finished.

Moreover, a few customers were members of SOUKA GAKKAI. Of course, I did not know who was member. Especially, the member of SOUKA GAKKAI tends to keep secret of members in Japan. But when I went to one customer, there are a lot of items related to SOUKA in his house so I could know. However, I actually do not think he is bad person although I really dislike SOUKA. Of course, I tried to be fair to the members as well. However, he must be received pressure which I could realize and call me to say useless words.

Moreover, I introduce other article that I went to fight to other company because I receive useless complain. Also when I did sells call to one company and promise to get contract and then I went to the company, the person in charge must not be in the promise time. They also receive pressure from alliance especially I could not get contract from the customer in company because the company can receive so easy pressure although I realize the customer wants to use the items.

I used auto bike or bicycle for selling. When I had appointment of customer at early morning, its tire got often flatter when I try to ride in the morning. The bike’s saddle was cut and brake was cut some times. My mail was stolen many times and mail box was broken. Moreover, when I had appointment in early morning, I was interfered to sleep previous night.

The member of SOUKA was in the upper room of my room. They always make noise not only night but also morning. Of course, my brain was read so if I had any plan to sell, they must have interfered to me for the last period.

When I employ the officer, she suddenly quit job with doing mischief for the document. It was quite unnatural. I notice that next officer seemed to interfere the job, so I lay off during the test period. Moreover, when I tried to get inventory, I could not get in time at all many times although the supply said to buy it.

I received many prank to my free call especially midnight from whole Japan who might be member of SOUKA. So far I can remember the harassments that is all.

I had continued to work while I was danger to lose temper every day especially last period. However, I tried to make smile anytime although I get angry. So I might have become to be bad express my emotion.

I think it is quite natural that I do not want to work in Japan any more. I decided to close down my company although my company was the best sells company in the prefecture. I might have endured harassments of low technology. But I could not endure harassments used by high technology such as mind reading, mind control, electromagnetic wave and so on.
At last, I have to say one thing that the reason of succeed of my company is that owners are very mature who can judge everything by themselves and had standard of judge. I am very grateful for them even now.

The relationship between Money and Gang stalking

※This article is including my imagination in True Man Show, but it is not too different from truth.

We victims are wondering when the gang stalking will finish. Actually I do not image when the gang stalking will finish. So it is said that this harassments is much related to money. Moreover, the victim of mind control like me is used to rat of experience.

The patrol car of civil company is often driving around my house before. Of course, it aims to me. In addition, the bicycle, which is attached the billboard shows under patrol, was often driving around me. It seemed to keep watch on me. The patrol car as well as patrol bicycle got a lot of money by tax. They made me to be dangerous person.

There are a lot of people who tries to make me to be dangerous person. They spread lies about me among my community which names “COINTELPRO”. These people must be around me wherever I am such as school, work place, neighbor hood and so on. One people came to Tokyo for doing harassments to me from Miyagi where is too far from Tokyo.

of course, he receive money by doing harassments. Also there are a lot of people in 2CH and Mixi which is SNS in Japan. They also receive money by keep watch on some victims and write down bad things to victims. For example, when we victims write down about gang stalking, they must write down that you must be mental disease and it must be you persecution complex. You should go mental hospital.

In addition, the casters always imply about victims on the television. They can receive 50000yen (600AUD) per once. There are a lot of car and pedestrians who keep watch on me. One pedestroan came from Gunma and one car came from KANSAI area which is too far it takes 8 hours to Tokyo.

These people of course can receive money to watch. Moreover, there are a lot of bogus victims who enter into relationship between victims and victims’ institution. When one victim tries to take action against alliance such as SOUKA GAKKAI, bogus victims must say it useless and spread the victim as bogus or other bad things. So bogus victims must destroy these actions and relationship between victims.

Also there must be bogus victim in the victims’ institute and must interfere. They must receive much money and sophisticated people.

They might be obeyed from any institute. So if one victim say he is bogus victim, other bogus victim protect the person. As above show, a lot of people receive money by doing harassments.

So if the gang stalking finished, a lot of people will be in trouble. So these rubbish people need to interfere to finish. This is because it is very easy to earn money. At first, the gang stalking was used by U.S. government by hold down a person who is inconvenience person.

If the gang stalking will reveal, some NPO, some religions, detective companies will go collapse and many people will be out of job. In addition, many hospitals, a chamber of commerce and police especially SEILATU ANZEN department will be really in trouble. So they have to interfere.

There might be sponsor to me because my damage look like TRUE MAN SHOW damage means keeping watch on all day long. That is why alliance control my brain to be attracted to sponsors’ items and they try to make me wear, eat and go the sponsors’ items or place. Some victims including me say that when I am interested in one item and then this item would be catching on.

So I used to go often some shops which is managed by SOUKA GAKKAI. But now I must not go to there. Furthermore, it is not interesting that I spend ordinal life. They tried to do many harassments and trap to me. So they mush enjoy to watch my reaction. It is said that there is TV program which is watched by only alliance, rich people and member of cult religion.

One Indian people watched the laptop PC in front of my house when I lived in before. The screen of laptop seemed to show my room. In my case, I bed many people can watch on me. If these people pay money to watch, money also arises.

I feel really wired and want to say fuck. I strongly want to make finish this damage. It must have been interesting because I used to have the after effect of brain bleeding and I could not spend ordinal life. In addition, I was hated by powerful people and cult religion member so I was made to TRUE MAN SHOW victim.

I am convinced that alliance aimed to me when I had the after effect of brain bleeding. In that time, they must have enjoyed. It was difficult to know the gang stalking. Moreover, the sponsor dislike that I go abroad during the valid period of sponsor.

They must want to receive money by many people are related to me. Even when I was in Australia, one member of SOUKA GAKKAI came here to do harassment. He was also cowardly that he entered into my wife’s class.

So many alliances need to work by doing harassments until target will be death. When one victim die, after that they will make new victim. Many victims are took insurance by cult religion.

This method of choose victim is not complex. When the powerful people or member of SOUKA GAKKAI hates one people, the person will be victim since then. After that they start to spread a lie about him, keep watch on and so on.

People and institution firstly must be deceived by alliance and might join to do harassment with light feeling. But there are very powerful people in the back so they might not come off.

Recently, there is the trend that all blames are forced into SOUKA GAKKAI. It is true that SOUKA GAKKAI is the worst institution but other people and institution also must join this.

This article is a small part of gang stalking. There must be the system which takes advantage of people who want to conquer and have grudge to Japan such as Korean Japanese, SOUKA GAKKAI and others. They also can get money and get victims of harassments.

This must be also including the experiment to administrate people as slave and using high technology. When I write down this article, I had heart pain.

I would like to say one thing that alliance can get much money by doing harassments such as keeping watch on me on the other hand I lost over 10000000 yen ( 100000AUD). For example, I pay 3000AUS to change my teeth from metal teeth to ceramic in order to copy with mind reading.

Also I took CT of my brain in order to find implant which cost 600AUD. I bought some items for protect from electromagnetic wave attack which cost over 400AUD. I went to Philippine in order to escape from harassments. It costs 7000AUD which is including rent and tuition fee for two months. I went back to Japan only 5days because of abnormal harassments in spite of taking only 4 hours lesson.

I went to qualification school but I also received harassments and quit. It costs total over 10000AUD. Apart from these things, I sometimes got hosed such as I lost about 100AUD in foreign exchange and in beauty shops as well. In bank I also got hosed over 300AUD as administration fee.

In addition, I failed some subjects in university which I do not accept a situation. I made some items in order to spread the damage of gang stalking such as flier, T-shirt and others which costs over 90AUD. My auto bike and bicycle was broken by alliance and total of repair bill is over 130AUD. Furthermore when I had my own company, alliance spread a lie about me and gave pressure to my customers and then my contract was canceled. These loss must be over 120000AUD.

My company was best sells company in my prefecture and business performance keep surplus whole period. But I decided to close down it because of abnormal harassments. There are a lot of people who can get money by doing harassments to me. On the other hand, I so far lost much money.

Moreover, I escaped from Tokyo to some place such as Aich prefecture, Gunma prefecture, Philippine, and not Australia. Also when I worked in some place and I must receive harassments. In one company, president did not pay salary to me and I went to law. In addition, they regularly start to do harassments when I really suffer from the after effect of brain bleeding. I often receive threat message which shows gang or mafia’s name. So I often had mental pain.

Mind reading and transmitting

They use three satellites to do mind reading.

And they can do not only mind reading but also transmit the idea to my brain.

So they transmit idea to my brain many times every day.

I receive the bad idea, which they transmit to me, and I read this idea in my brain.

And then they spread this idea as my idea for many people.

I often receive the idea in sleeping time, too.

They try to lead my personality or idea.

In Japan, many people receive the same harassments.

And more and more people commit murder or suicide because of the harassments.

In real, some people are transmitted the idea that kill other person

before they commit murder. Recently, these crimes have happened many times.

And they must have said that I received the order to kill others from my brain.

They must not have noticed mind reading or this harassments.

In this year, previous diet memeber nagata and caster kawada commit suicide

and in akihabara, many people were killed by the victim of this harassments.

I notice mind reading in a few years ago and then I regulally started to plan escape from this.

I can endure most harassments but I can not endure mind reading and transmit the idea.

I know this mind reading device costs 231 million yen or 3 million AU dollars.

And Toshiba sales this device as 50 units set.

This harassments system is public business in Japan.

I spent much money to buy some items in order to protect from this harassment.

And there is the “human research corporation” in one country which is not Japan.

They are likely to hope to manage every human like animal.

I am used as a guinea pig to do so.

Also they always get money to make imaginary enemy and imaginary bad person.

Truth of these hrassments are backed up by some web-site which show next article.

Mind control

I found one interesting American web-site from gang stalker victim's blog
who is my friend. This web-site is back up my damages which I have said all
harassments methods of gang stalking. If you want to know mind reading,
mind control, brainwash and so on, please you watch this web-page. However,
you might be happy when you do not know this truth better than you know.
There are some powerful persons who aim to control all people like slave
or animal. So you will know this fact in the near future.
And in America, the case was decided in favor of the victims of mind control
on december 2008. Moreover, the law of ban on electromagnetic wave attack
through the satellite submitted to the Upper House in America.

This is web-site: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/satellite_surveillance.htm

Court to Defendant URL:http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2009/07/court-to-defendant-stop-blasting-that-mans-mind/

The law ban on electromagnetic wave: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c107:H.R.2977:

This is mind transmitting device called V2K.

This is the site for mind control victims over the world. 


The site abot electromagnetic wave attack. 

This is my damage of these attacks below.  

I always receive mind reading, mind transmitting, electromagnetic
wave attack, sonic and other harassments through the satellite.
For example, when I study in my room, I must receive these attacks.
I don’t concentrate on study at all. I often have s cut of my body
because of electromagnetic wave attack. I always feel pain in my body
especially my ears, eyes, and head. My eyesight became weak
from 0.4 degrees to 0.04 degrees only in one year. And I sometimes
was gotten up because of pain of electromagnetic wave attack during
sleeping time. I must be a lack of sleeping time and have a diarrhea
in school day.
What is more, my mind was often controlled especially during sleeping.
I can lead me to want to die. Also when I try to concentrate on study,
I must be interrupted by mind control. Moreover when I study listening
English which is my weak point, I must receive electromagnetic wave
attack strongly. When I received this, I can not move at all.
Honestly, my friend who is also victim of gang stalking, said that
almost all American know this harassment except for elder person.
Even in Japan, we can get a lot of information about these attacks so easy.
So many Japanese also know this harassment.

Background of gang stalking and my situation.

I firstly want to say that I do not dislike American, Chinese and Korean people.

I will write it down since now that I knew things before.

But almost all American, Chinese, Korean people are indifferent to this thing.

So I do not dislike them. And I did not need to know this thing until I become victim of gang stalking

and cointerplo. But, I have been received harassments for a long time.

So I needed to know my situation.As you know, Iraq war did not cause nuclear weapon.

So it cause that Fusein denied selling oil to US dollar and he said that if you want to buy oil,

you should bring EURO instead of US dollar. After that Bush started Iraq war.

And now in Iraq, many people have become laboratory animals by electromagnetic wave attack

and brainwashing, as well as me. So Iraq war does not finish so easy.

At the same time, Japan has been conquered by America. America has used Korean Japanese

and souka gakkai, which is designated cult religion by many countries, to conquer Japan.

Souka gakkai has strategy to conquer Japan called soutaikakumei that they send member to

any field such as politics, police, law, and media. Now Japan is almost conquered by China.

And now, it is said that America might have given Japan ownership to China by changing

enormous American loan. More and more Chinese are immigrating to Japan.

They are supported by living life and tuition fee. They can pay tuition fee cheaper than Japanese

and get money as living life. The diet member Inada accused that this affair before.

However, most Japanese do not know this thing because the media stop to broad the news like this.

This is because the Japanese media is conquered.The main shareholders are composed of foreigners.

Moreover, souka gakkai is using these weapons such as gang stalking, cointerplo,

electromagnetic wave attack, mind reading, mind control, brainwash and so on.

If they find a Japanese people who might take action against them or they dislike Japanese people,

they start gang stalking and cointerplo. And then many targets are chased to suicide,

committing crime and mental disease. Initially, CIA and FBI used cointerplo. This affair has

happened not only Japan, but also all over the world. So some powerful persons think to

control all people like slave or animals. That is a reason why they need experiment of mind

reading, mind control and brainwash in Iraq, Japan and so on. I hope that all people find these

dangerous weapons.

Also ten thousands Japanese people commit suicide because of this harassment every year.

This harassment chases people to suicide and mental disease. And some victims got advice to

go to the mental hospital that was managed by souka gakkai. Some women victims were done

rape in the hospital or get prescription which make people confusion and die. So they need to

decrease Japanese population. And this harassment is used by Japanese tax.

Above is background of gang stalking and cointerplo.

And below is my situation of gang stalking. To tell the truth, I do not want to say and

write down below contents because I want not to be touched by others and want to be secret.

However, if I do not say this, I will received harassments related to this thing.

In my case, initially souka gakkai and powerful person such as big company’s president must

have ordered to do harassment and gang stalking to me. However, I started to reveal that

I had after effect of brain bleeding and in that time, the gang stalking regularly started.

So they need to change their responsibility for anyone in order to escape from responsibility

to do harassment to disorder person. They might have used young people and other people

might think that this young people lead this harassment. However, they must pull the wire

behind their back. Sometimes they pays money to young people.I was really suffered from after

effect of brain bleeding. I could not spend ordinal life and was dismissed from three companies

after graduation. Moreover, I received harassment such as gang stalking.

That is a reason why my mental really become degenerate and weak. However, they set a lot of

traps to me during these days. I did not have usual judgment in that time, I often might have

been caught traps and my mental also became strongly degenerate and weak. They enjoyed

doing harassment although they know my situation. On the other hand, I was really struggled

and concentrated on only treat my brain and weak mental. In that time, they chase me to

isolation like now. So I could not seek to help for anyone. Moreover, I had lived alone over

17years, so I could not have anyone to seek a help. Now I could treat my brain and mental though.

So my gang stalking harassment damage might be somewhat different from other victims.

Of course, main purpose, which chases to isolation and suicide, is common.

Especially, now this method is almost same as others. As shows above, I really had hatred to

this souka gakkai gang stalking. Of course, other victims also had strong hatred to gang stalking though.

I would like to say one thing

First of all, I would like to say that I have never approved and will never approve of the harassments of gang stalking. If my family or relatives, who are deceived, approve of it, I will never approve of it so there is not a reason to do harassment to me. My damage looks like “True Man Show”, so if my relatives approve to keep watching for me, I will never approve of it.

assailants might say that my living expenses are provided by my family so I can not help to be kept watching. In addition, I sometimes might deal with assailant with smile. They also say that my action mean to approve of harassments. However, I do not know who is assailant and what assailants’ action means. Also I pay all tuition fee and living expense by myself. I will never approve of harassments of gang stalking.

A long time ago, my relatives, who are deceived, might are involved in assailants. However, I have never approved of it and I pay all living expense by myself so there is no reason to do harassments.

Moreover, assailants compel me to say that I came to Australia because I want to study business in Japan. But in Australia, they seem to say that I escaped from Japan because I did not do anything in Japan. However, my own company was the best sells company in the prefecture. I closed it down because of these abnormal and gloomy harassments. If I did not receive harassments, I did not close it down.

I wrote down many times in my other blog that assailants compensate me 23 billion yen for damages. This does not mean guarantee of gang stalking which are including a sneak shot, hidden microphone and so on. This is just compensation.

In addition, they say that I am liar and trial and when I have a grudge, I will not forgive it. This rumor aims to block me to talk back to them. They can do harassments easier because of this clock. However, they sometimes say the truth which is meaningless for me, they intended to be trusted by others. And they lie among people when they attack to me. These methods are really gloomy and coward.

By spreading a lie about that when I have grudge I will not forgive it at all, they seem to encourage me to forgive them so easy. It is true that I am really angry with people who started to do harassments when I had the after effect of brain bleeding. Aldo I will never approve of these harassments. In addition, I can not understand it very much who is main assailant and who say bad thing for me. Under this situation, it is unfair that I will not forgive assailant at all.

Especially, I do not want to forgive people who know my damage of brain and started to do harassments. They really watch for my damages and started. Furthermore, I will never approve of these attacks such as electromagnetic wave, mind control, mind reading and other high technology attack. I will never approve to be as a guinea pig of high technology attack.

I went to the police office many times when I was in Japan. Also I consult with boss of company. In addition, I consulted with previous English language school and current university. These action indicates that I really suffer from these harassments and I would like to finish receiving these harassments.

Philippines first day

I was asked to drink by school tutor when I arrived at Philippines first day.

I was tired because of long trip,

but I thought I should go because he especially called for me.

But the place, where he took me, was not ordinary bar.

There is stage in the centre of restaurant and some ladies are dancing on that.

Men customers looked ladies around it and drink alcohol.

He points out the number of lady if he likes her.

And then he drinks with lady and he takes her to hotel by paying 1700 peso.

It is prostitution shop so to speak.

I went to the shop with school tutor and three persons.

I was said to point out lady many times by these person.

But I strongly denied pointing out.

And then, we changed the shop.

But next shop is also prostitution shop.

The next shop is the same as previous shop that lady is dancing on the stage.

But these ladies are naked over wear and tempted men.

I was persuaded to point out many times in the shop.

But I do not mean to come there to hold ladies.

I refused and said that I was satisfied with looking only

because I was beginner and please you enjoy.

Actually, I was not attracted to it and I felt disappointed

because I was taken to the place like that.

And I was taken some pictures in the shop

because it will be evidence I come the shop like this.

Next, we went to “the dance and bar”.

I was said to ask ladies out many times by tutor

and he said it is easy to ask Philippines out despite my refusing.

In that time, I was very tired of it and exhausted.

I was often hit by strangers, who may be friends of tutor and others, behind my back.

After that, I could at last go room at 3:30a.m.

If I got drunk, I must have been left alone by them

where I did not know place at all and I did not know how to use taxi.

So I made an effort not to get drunk despite drinking much alcohol.

Although they forcibly bring me to prostitution shop,

the cult lied that I went to Philippines to visit this shop after I return Japan.

To be continue second day

Australia life

I lived in Australia for about one year from April 2009 to April 2010. (now I came back to Australia again) I really like Australia life better than Japan although I also like Japan. There are a lot of beautiful nature, friendly and individualist people. However, I received damages of gang stalking. So I came back for one year.

First of all, I rent a house by intermediating real estate company which are managed by Australian husband and Japanese wife. At first, I felt ease to contact with Japanese staff. In real, I and my wife are taken care of by them very much. So we are grateful for them. However, the wife seemed to help to assailant.

Our room was one of hotel room but we changed room three times in the hotel because of their favor. In Japan, usually the period of renewal is two years but in Australia is half year.

In addition, I heard it is automatic renewal but she said to me that you should go out from this room passed half year we started to live in there. However, we did not hear at all even when we paid rent. So we did not have a room at that time but she said if you want to live, you can change a little bit more expensive room. If you do so, you can live there only two months.

We had to assent this because we did not have time to find other room. As I write down after, I got hosed many times. Also I changed a room before that time because of her favor. This rooms rent is same as previous but small. Moreover, the room has garlic smell every weekend even I use fan as well.

I can stand the smell but my wife is sensitive so she was suffering. What is more, after she became pregnant so she was really suffering from the smell. When I open the drawer of kitchen, there are a lot of cockroach death.

In addition, the hotel rings a emergency bell at midnight some times. After the day, the building of my English language school also ring emergency bell. I do not think this is by accident.

I think this Japanese lady went too far to do harassments. So I often lost temper for her for the last time. However, they brought us to fishing and jazz concert in casino. So we are grateful for them especially for husband.

I went to English language school for about three months. The school teacher and students heard a rumor about me as very bad person. Moreover, when I got on the bus, the person threw a stone for the bus and the window was broken because it must I was in there.

Although my wife also went to the same language school, the rumor spread among students and teachers that I aim to other lady which is really crazy. Moreover, on the course of period, the member of SOUKA GAKKAI came to the school in order to do harassment for me. The member enters my wife’s class. This is also coward and gloomy. And he sometimes stair at me and laugh at me from long distance me with some friends.

The common sense is that they try to do harassment when I must be with my wife. When my wife absent from school, I did expectoration for him and friend. To tell the truth, I wanted to punch him.

When I was in prior to one week of examination, many young people stayed in the next room. They always put on the music with very big volume from 8a.m. to 12a.m. I stayed at room and study almost all week long but they did not stop music only once during period. As I say sometimes, when I take IELTS, the construction must carry out in front of my house prior to one week and this carried out all night long the previous day of exam. It was the same as in Japan that the young people moved out next day when my exam finished.

In addition, I share a room with Australian for three months after my wife went back to Japan because of pregnant. I am really grateful for him. This is because he open the party for us the last day when I left.

However, he also seemed to help assailant. He sometimes sang a song with large voice not only midnight but also early morning.

What is more, this song looks like evil song or weird song. Sometimes he sang this song at 3a.m.
My room was first floor. When I studied in my room, he and other three persons started to sing in grand floor. I was danger to lose temper and bring bottle of wine to grand floor.

In that time, I might think to fight, but he looks apologetic face so I think he also received any pressure. That is why I stop to lose temper and went out. When I came back to my room, they are not there and his girl friend gave me a letter and chocolates.

We did not touch this after that and song also finished. I am really grateful for him and I do not mind anymore.

As I write before, I often got hosed here. Assailant seems to force me into poor. Although I pay all tuition fee and living expense by myself, they spread a lie that my parents pay them.

I did not know even how to pay bus bill, so the drivers tried to get hosed me with more money. When I went to beauty shop, they also got hosed tome with plus 5 dollars. For example, they said your hair was long so you need to pay more and today is Sunday so you need to pay more. What is worse, when I went to Jupiter casino to exchange money, they got hosed me. I lost 100AUD. I realized it after I calculated.

When I took the exam, the examiner stand and stare at me in front of me, I fly the bird. When I got angry to one Chinese student, I threw a junk to them.

Moreover, I failed some subjects although I could get enough score. Furthermore, I received electromagnetic wave, mind reading, mind control and other harassments by using high technology.

However, I hope to continue to stay in Australia because most people do not do gloomy harassments. Of course, ordinal Japanese do not do these harassments as well but there are a lot of member of SOUKA GAKKA which are mainly managed by Korean Japanese.

I also heard that these harassments are decreasing recently in Japan as well. But few cult religion member are in Australia. So I strongly hope to get job here and continue to stay here.

I had not bought my way into the university

This article is a little bit different from other articles but assailant spread a lie about me that I had bought my way into the university. This article introduces how I study to enter the university. I did not study at all when I was young. So I went to the low level high school. That is why I did not know how to study to enter the university. I read some study books. I really prefer one book which is written by teacher Yoshino in Yoyougi zeminar.

This teacher is famous that he went to very bad high school but he passed Jouchi university and other high level universities only for four month study. However, I thought that he is a talented person and I will not enter good university if I study the same as him.

In my case, there were about 10 months for entrance examination since that time. But I think if I did the same study for 10 months, I might pass the high level university.

Since I decided to start studying, I have a lot of quota and study at least 13 hours everyday. I study all night long when I did not finish the quota as follow study book.

I study all night long about two or three times every week. For the first period, I bought one dozen of nutrient drink in a month. Month by month, I bought it of 2 dozen or 3 dozen every month. However, I felt sleepy how many drink I drank.

In that time, I also follow teacher’s method of study book that I pricked to my hand and legs with a pin which make me get up. I continued to study over 13 hours everyday since March to October without day off at all.

In that time, it was really cold season which had a lot of snow. I had cold some times since end of October. Finally I fall down on November. Since then, I did not recover from damage very well and I could not study very much.

In addition, I took some examination with shaking of cold. As a result, I entered into university whose deviation value is around 60 and it is called high level university.

I passed some university the same level as this. However, I did not recover from damages of body and mental for about six months since November. I had a little bit depression because of many working all night.

I think this method can be done by only young people. Please you have clever plan to study when you study to enter university. However I learnt one important thing through this experience that studying hard is really hard work and heavy. To tell the truth, before that time, I did not like grind people because of my inferiority of fool people. However, I still do not like people who pose as an elite.

My dairy life

I have received electromagnetic wave attack many times everyday.
When I try to concentrate on the class,
I receive the electromagnetic wave attack in my ears and upper half of body
and my ears become not to listing very well and I feel suffering with upper half of body.
When I write down essay, I have a palpitation.
I receive electromagnetic wave in my head and toe of fingers while I do preparation of class.
Moreover, when I try to concentrate on text, I receive it in my eyes.
I have eyes pain and my eye sight became strongly weak in a year.
When I have a class in university, I have a diarrhea and I feel tired because of attack.
When I talk with one lady, receive electromagnetic wave in my thug.

Next, I would like to introduce mind reading and mind controlling.
When I study, my brain receives the idea through the electromagnetic wave.
The most of ideas are bad things about someone.
If I do not deny this idea, they spread this that I thought bad things about the person.
When I study, I repeat to receive idea and deny this many times everyday.
I can not concentrate on studying.
And if I think that some people’s opinion is good.
I must receive the idea that I think others’ ideas are bad.
I have to deny this, otherwise the idea, which I think his idea is bad, must spread.
For example, one friend told me that one woman is beautiful.
I answer that I agree. So they spread for many people that I love this her.
So I can not think and talk any negative thing about some one.
I always become to shrink to think about everything.

Next I would like to introduce disturbance of sleeping.
When I was sleeping, I receive electromagnetic wave attack
and I have to get up because of pain.
I have nightmare because I receive the mind control.
Moreover, when I am going to sleep, I heard big sounds.
Recently, when I close eyes in my bed, I must look insect screen such as cockroach.
It is absolutely disgusting.

Next, I would like to introduce disturbance of work in Japan.
The bad things and lie about me spread peopel lived in the place where I worked for.
Especially, I have hopeful person, they must disturb me.
They disturb me and my order must be delayed as a result my order became cancel many times.
The construction must begin in front of my house.
The construction must carry out all night previous day I take examination.
When I have free call number, I receive a prank call everyday.
My fax receives a prank call many times.
My post mail was often stolen and my mail box was broken.
When I have appointment next early morning, my bike is flat tire once or twice a month.
My thrown garbage was brought and checked by cult members.
I had a lot of other harassments except for this.

My PC have been done wiretapping through tenpest.
And my life is kept watch on and wiretapping through satellite even in the building.
My university all teachers and classmates are really mature and good person.
And my friends, who are QIBA classmates and Japanese students, are also really good friends.
I received harassments that other people do not watch and find, so I have received it behind their back.
In US, the law, that the electromagnetic wave, sonic and other attack for individual through satellite is banned on, submitted to government.
But this law was not formed, so they do these harassments at their heart’s content.
If I receive these harassments, I live a full life.
I have a lot of challenging things. I know my English is very poor.
But I would like to try it to my heart’s content.
Some people might think that I should not mind these things.
If I do not mind this, they become exciting to do harassments more and more.
To tell the truth, I do not have confident to continue this life.
Moreover, they attack to even very young child in Japan.
Victim's inocent child become victim of electromagnetic wave attack.
I introduce the web-site below.

The screen that Inocent child receive the electromagnetic wave attack.

American gorvernment site about law as I introduce above

Other web-site related to mind reading and gang stalker through satelite.


This harassmnt started over 20 yers ago when one religion menber started to hostility to me.

The religion is designated as cult religion by many euro countries and others.

What’s more, I received a lot of very gloomy harassments by the religion.

The religion started gang stalker to me over 20 years ago.

And I was regularly started receiving harassments

when I really suffered from after effect of brain bleed about 12 years ago.

I received harassments might be beyond the reach of your imagination.

I got along with some Japanese friends in Japan,

but cult religion must have interrupted the relationship.

I repeated this situation many times, so I think it very troublesome and I am tired of it.

Now I write this article down when I receive electric attack.

They drive into the person by a lot of harassments of cooperating members,

whom they dislike. This harassment become public business in Japan,

so some people get much money by doing harassments.

The koumeito, which consist of soukagakkai, is ruling party in Japanese politics.

Most Japanese know the situation.

The list of soukagakkai member who did brutal crime.
Most brutal crimes are commited by the members in Japan.
出典: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』他。
●池田大作→朝鮮部落出身 信者レイプ事件 選挙法違反事件
●宅間守 →大阪 附属池田小学校児童殺傷 朝鮮部落出身 両親も学会員
●東慎一郎 →酒鬼薔薇聖斗 神戸の首切り小僧 帰化人
●林真須美 →和歌山毒入りカレー事件 4人毒殺 63人が負傷 帰化人
●織原城二(金聖鐘)→神奈川 帰化人、外国人女性を強姦バラバラ殺人 両親も学会員
●関根元 →埼玉愛犬家連続殺人犯 4人を殺害
●丘崎誠人→奈良連続強姦 事件 在日朝鮮人
●金大根 →在日韓国人の強姦魔 連続児童虐待暴行殺人 6名の女児死亡
●李昇一 →在日韓国人 東京 テレビ「ガキの使い」関係者を名乗り少女140人を強姦
●沈週一 →在日韓国人 鳥取 大阪 和歌山 9人を強姦
●張今朝 →在日韓国人 長野 「一緒に猫を探して」と小学校4年の女児を強姦
●ぺ・ソンテ →在日韓国人 横浜 女子小学生14人を強姦
●宋治悦 →在日韓国人 東京 主婦19人を強姦

French designated soukagakkai as cult.

Japan is danger to be conquered by soukagakkai
























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